Compost Loo Workshop

Sunday 15th June 10 – 5…. Free

Join, Caspar and Pete, designers from Open Earth Design for a community compost
toilet building day and humanure workshop.

Together we will construct a two chamber composting toilet at the Newhaven Community
Garden site. The workshop will explore and challenge our relationship to human ‘waste’,
and share practical solutions as we explore the ecological benefits of using a dry toilet
composting system to produce humanure.

Skills shared on the day will include:

• Compost toilet contsruction using a mix of locally sourced and recycled materials
• How to maintain a dry compost toilet
• How to make and use ‘potent’ humanure

*Please bring some lunch to share and dress in suitable clothes for construction.

So . . .What is a compost loo?

A composting toilet is a dry toilet that uses
aerobic digestion to treat human waste,
producing an end product that can be used
as plant nutrient, called humanure.

Composting toilets are used as an alternative
to flush toilets in situations where there is
no suitable water supply or waste treatment
facility available as well as to harvest
valuable nutrients.

The human waste is normally mixed with
sawdust, coconut coir or peat moss to support
aerobic processing, absorb liquids, and to
reduce the odor. The decomposition process
is generally faster than the anaerobic
decomposition used in wet sewage treatment

In the UK alone 2 billion liters of fresh drinking
water gets flushed down the toilet everyday,
amounting to 30% of household consumption
compared to the 4% that is actually
used for drinking.



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