Diep-Haven artist event this weekend!

This year’s Diep-Haven Artist Ève Chabanon is at the Garden this weekend with this fantastic event! It starts tonight Friday 27th August at 6pm till 9 with bowl making. Here’s the Details from the artist.

‘Hello Hello everyone,

So this weekend starting Friday from 6pm till 9pm with bowl making and Sunday from 11.30am onwards, we will set up an all workshop using Roscoff’s Onion – that we will import specially by Ferry from France.

The Workshops animated in collaboration with the brilliant Martin Brockman and will be divided in two part involving the making of bowls and spoons in clay and a special adaptation of the french Soupe à L’Onion (onion soupe).

It will be set up as following:

Outdoor paper kiln making Sunday from 1pm

Clay bowls and spoons making Friday 27th from 6pm

Pigments experiments (with theonion’s skins and additional organic elements picked from the immediate environment) Sunday from 12pm

Firing of the productions Sunday from 2pm

In the meantime:

Soupe à l’Onion cooking (with the onions used for the skins)
Fish Smoking with the smoke of the kiln Sunday from 3pm

Dinner using bowls, and spoons made un clay to eat the soup and the fish Sunday from 6pm

We will met at the Growing Together Community Garden, in Newhaven. Everything will be outdoor, so we would advise you to be prepare with some sun cream, hat, water, and appropriate clothes for clay and fire process.

Hope to see you there!


Collecting herbs at the Garden.

The Garden is bursting full of culinary, medicinal & wild herbs at the moment and today I picked a posy of Calendula, Camomile, Borage and Oregano flowers. I will infuse the Calendula & Camomile in coconut oil to make a soothing balm, soak the Oregano flowers in oil for dressing salad and pop the Borage flowers in my G&T tonight!

There’s also plenty of other gorgeous ornamental flowers, fruit & veg to look at & enjoy too.