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Useful Links! a rather eclectic bunch of links to do with Community Gardens, Newhaven and everything else, whatever came into my head

these lovely people have helped with setting up the garden and run many of the courses

Our Newhaven a site dedicated to local history

seaford community garden
never been there, but its the other local community garden

lovely cafe and market at the hillcrest centre

Sea Scouts! couldn’t find a weblink for them

the ferry to france

brighton permaculture trust
i’m doing a permaculture course here in the spring, would highly reccommend the introductory one, deeply inspirational!

Seahaven FM!

harvest brighton
lots of useful local growing advice

Newhaven Fort

dyke road community garden

farm gardens
lists all the community gardens in the south east

the mighty Zu studios
lewes based, but the hub of all things spiritual and curious around here
and on facebook

Virginia Woolfs house in Rodmell

our local festival wildheart, the last one was ooh about 3 miles away

and buddhafield the best festival in the world ever, small, family friendly, incredible workshops, music and beautiful people, oh no drink, no drugs too, i usually steward here, a great way to get involved!

brighton buddhist centre, drop in meditation and yoga

grooveshark free music, no ads, i love this site, all day long when i’m programming, random world music and folk and anything else you might fancy

Newhaven library opening times

Seahaven leisure centre opening times

Paradise Park

Soulful Singing

kirsten, a local designers site

Lorraine, one of the volunteers website

Nathan, another volunteer has written a book

can’t find a website for it, but karens yoga classes, every tuesday and thursday 7:30 – 8:45, Grays School, Newhaven, [email protected], highly reccommended

Brighton Steiner School

5 Rhythms in Brighton, funky dance therapy

…and lastly some other sites i’m managing
my own personal blog, endless ramblings on whatever comes into my head, mostly old facebook posts, colourful
oh and sometimes i’m a freelance gardener, if i ever get around to adding some content it’ll be here
also will be a web programming site, when i decide on a name!

bojagi, very local company, re-useable wrapping material

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