Sowing and Growing (course notes)

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Sowing and planting:
Sweet Peas
Onions and Garlic

Green Manures
Forage Pea Green Manure is a member of the legume family that is excellent at fixing nitrogen and has deep penetrative roots that help to break up the soil. It can grow up to 1 metre tall.

Forage Pea is excellent for over wintering and can be sown from September to November. It has good weed suppressing qualities but its foliage is not as bulky as some other green manures that overwinter.

It could be sown with a lower growing green manure like red clover if weed suppression was paramount and adding lots of bulky organic matter in spring is required. It is however good enough to use on its own too

Other ideas for planting at this time of year:
Bare root roses
Fruit trees and bushes
Lily of the Valley in drifts in shaded areas
Tulip bulbs
Deadhead pansies
Cut down chrysanthemums to soil level after flowering
Transplant shrubs and conifers that have outgrown their position
Clear faded growth of golden hops and annual climbers from pergolas and trellis
Empty pots of spent annuals and compost the remains
Rake autumn leaves from lawns and pick them out of borders for composting
Prune rambling roses after flowering
Move containers of shrubs or winter bedding to a sheltered spot when conditions turn very cold
Check stakes and ties are secure on trees and climbers
Take root cuttings of oriental poppies
Plant heathers and trailing ivy in pots for winter colour
Cut down faded stems on rudbeckia and Shasta daisies, to just above soil level
Finish planting tulips as soon as possible
Clear golden hop, sweet peas and annual climbers from supports
Check variegated shrubs for plain green shoots and prune them away
Plant out wallflowers, forget-me-nots, pansies and other spring bedding
Fork over vacant areas of soil
Deadhead pansies regularly to keep the flowers coming
Plant lily-of-the-valley
Order hedging for winter planting


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