Winter Window Boxes (course notes)

Below is the ingredients for an ideal instant garden for where space is limited ( The plants can be grown in window boxes, containers or grow bags. You’ll be amazed at just how much food you can grow right through the Autumn and on into winter.
 Rosemary x 1
 Chives x 1
 Sage x 1
 Wild rocket x 5
 Chicorry x 5
 Green borecole x 5
 Winter green cabbage x 5
 Spring green cabbage x 5
 Calabrese x 5
 Winter lettuce x 10
 Giant Red Mustard x 5
 Rainbow chard x 5
 Mizuna red knight x 5
 Pak Choi x 5
 Cornsalad x 5

With the quantities detailed an area approximately 2.5m² is required to grow this garden.
Other things that the Growing Together Community Garden committee have grown successfully during the winter and recommend for growing in window boxes and/or containers include( tasty salad stuff):
1. American Land Cress. (Grows like a weed in one committee members garden!)
2. Mizuna
3. Mustard greens (the Asian and Bengali gardeners will know this one!)
4. Coriander. This is notoriously difficult to grow but apparently the secret is to grow it between August –April when it seems to thrive…


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