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For the cycle of life day of the winter wonderland course one of the tasks was to recycle an old pair of Jens wellys as a plant pot, drilling holes in the base to allow the water to drain away, then hammering them to the side of the shed, where they look pretty funky!
After that it was burning some of the old Rubbish (bits of the fence) and weeds we didn’t want recycling
I love a good bonfire, especially on a cold clear winters day, warms the cockles of your heart!

Wellys are fabulous! nothing better for keeping out the soggy squelchness of the day, due to their insulating properties i always imagine they might be some help if struck by lightning?
they don’t seem to keep the cold out very well, so a coupla pairs of thick socks!

One of the most evocative sites of a summer festival are all the wellies piled up outside a tent, be warned decorate your boots in some way so that they are unmistakeable, last year i painted a pink om on mine in my daughters nail varnish, sadly this chipped off after the first sploosh through a puddle, inevitably my boots disappeared? were mistookenly borrowed? or somehow vanished? hmmm. and i spent the next 2 days firstly in a pair of boots 3 sizes too small and then in the mud with no boots at all. grim. trench foot

Wellington is of course named for the Napoleonic war general

Wellington has brighton links, theres a wellington monument in St Nicks, the oldest church in brighton just up dyke road, we have 5 Rhythm dances there every Wednesday, the most marvelous space in which to boogie!


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