Winter Window Boxes

On the second week of the winter wonderland course we made winter window boxes, heres my example home in the back garden, i planted thyme, lemon thyme, garlic chives, there was also some seeds to put in, probably a winter salad mix and corriander, look some of them have already begun to sprout!
unfortuneately i didn’t note which seeds i used, so will have to deal with the mystery sproutings

not quite the hanging gardens of babylon?! heres John Gielgud, probably dressed no doubt for a shakespearian play, i imagine that he would have made a great Nebuchadnezzer

Many years ago I lived in caves in granada, spain, just across from the Alhambra, whenever I think of the hanging gardens of babylon, the beautiful islamic gardens there spring to mind, triumph of water and paradise midst a dry land


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