January Get Ready!

Blue tit in snow 12

• Plan your vegetable plot.
• Look at the bare bones of the garden and decide what could be changed.
• Treat wooden structures with wood preservative.
• Service garden tools e.g.; Lawn mower while it isn’t needed.
• Tidy the shed, clean and oil equipment and sharpen secateurs and
• Time to send off for you seed orders or attend a seed swop event.

Seedy Saturday LEWES TOWN HALL 2nd February
Seedy Sunday BRIGHTON CORN EXCHANGE 3rd February


• Order Asparagus crowns.
• Get ready for sowing seeds, wash pots and trays and put cloches over soil to warm it.
• Stock up on Bamboo canes.
• Start a new compost heap.
• Clean paths and patios of moss and dirt to stop them getting slippery.
• Check tree ties for growth and adjust, renew, re-tie if necessary.
• Tidy shrubs, prune and shape.
• Look after wild life. Keep bird feeders well stocked and provide fresh water in freezing temperatures for drinking.
• Protect bulbs in pots with wire netting or sprigs of prickly holly to stop squirrels digging them up!
• Cover Rhubarb plants with forcers, old buckets or wooden boxes to encourage early shoots.
• Indulge in some healthy exercise on a bright sunny winters day by turning the leaf pile to speed up the composting process.
• Sow broad beans, peas and plant shallots.
• Sow radishes, spring onions and carrots in a cold frame.
• Take Blackcurrant cuttings.
• Renew old vine eyes and wires to walls and fences where climbing plants need support.
• Dig up mint shoots and plant horizontally in a shallow seed tray under glass for an early crop.
• Sow an early crop of pre-spring winter salad leaves, radish and salad Rocket in the greenhouse or on the windowsill.
• If the weather is dry dig over the ground. Breaking up any large clods.
• Work in plenty of organic matter into the soil.
• Prune Roses.
• Keep a small area of the pond Ice free
• Smile Spring is on its way!

from Hayley

Hearty Cheesy Leek soup

Prepare 450g (1lb) leeks .
Shred finely.
Melt 50g (2oz) Butter in saucepan and fry gently for about 5 minutes until tender.
Stir in 25g (1 oz) medium oatmeat and 1.2lt (2pt) stock.
Bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes.
Just before serving stir in 100g (3 1/2oz) grated mature cheddar cheese, season to taste and ladle into bowls.
Serve immediately with sprinkled chopped parsley.

from Hayley