Seedy Sunday


I popped by Seedy Sunday in the corn exchange last weekend, a marvelous event!
It was packed, apparently they had over 3000 visitors!!!
A thriving and flourishing growing community, a full, diverse and exotic range of people, families with kids, eco hippies in home knitted chunky multi coloured jumpers , all the way through to pleasantly tweedy walking stick clutching octogenarians.
Growing is for everyone!

The main area of the hall had many food growing related stalls, infinity foods, Brighton Permaculture Trust
The centrepiece was seed swapping section, here you could take seeds along to swap, else buy packets at 50p a gamble
I walked away with a handful of small brown envelopes, not entirely sure what i’ve got ‘black cherry toms’, ‘miscellaneous squash’, I shall have to plant them all and see what comes up!


I popped by a couple of the talks, the first was on the role of monsanto and other large corporations, their attempts to patent and copyright types of seed
wheras strength lies in natural bio diversity

Seedy Sunday Factsheets

the second was by James Wong, some bloke off the telly, he was hugely enthusiastic and suggested many alternatives to the usual allotment crops, I’m inspired to have a go at growing Inca Berries this summer!


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