Garden Update September 17

Up at the garden today. Rather blustery, still very mild, the sun shone and It didn’t rain. Bob was there pottering with his herbs, meanwhile I continued to clear an area by the pond for sowing some hardy annuals now, and in the spring.
No sign of the spinach and carrots I put in a short time ago. I’m blaming the Slugs ! otherwise the cosmos is looking lovely, as is the red chard, and a bit of rocket which is still there, just. Dug up some of my Pink Fir Apple spuds. Have they done well. The toms were looking OK last time l visited, but now they have been struck by the dreaded blight. It’s all this rain and mild weather. I’ve also got some marrow-type plant growing like mad producing green footballs. That’s what happens when you are given some plants and the person who gives them to you can’t remember what they were !
I was tempted to have a go at mowing the grass, as It is quite long again, but after a bout of weeding and hacking away at the long grass by the pond, I resisted, I had to have a sit down and left it for another day!


pic by bob from summer gathering