Garden Update October 17

Up the garden today. The sun shone and It was really hot at times. Bob continued with his Camomile planting, and I sowed some onion seeds in the raised bed. Will the slugs leave them alone ?
I also had a go at cutting the grass till the petrol ran out. I concentrated on the front of the Summerhouse, which makes It look cared-for when anyone passes, and bunged the mowings on the raised-bed-to-be. Needs filling up, plus at some stage, all the other stuff from the other compost bins, ready, hopefully for planting next year.

The sun eventually came out, and It was really warm. I concentrated on planting some crocus and snowdrops by the gate, and near the pond. Bob was potting up some strawberry plants, and Leanne and Paul weeded the herb bed. We found time to have a sit down with a cup of tea (sigh) and admire the view (another sigh) before we got on again.
I cleared round the back of the tool shed, to store the large pots and other things out of the way, but they will still be accessible If need be.
The grass still keeps growing, and still needs mowing, the grass cuttings helping to fill up one of the new raised beds, as well as leaves, veg peelings and hedge prunings from elsewhere.