This year we welcome Artist Ève Chabanon to the Community gardens. She will present her diep~haven residency at Whitehawk Community Food Project and our Growing together Community gardens in Newhaven.

Through performance, writing, social observations and objects, Ève Chabanon creates situations — involving most often, local communities, marginalised groups within and outside of educational structures and creates art.

The artist will connect the two gardens with events and challenges. Rounding up to a celebratory social event. Keep up to date via the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/147936155892738/

Garden Update October 17

Up the garden today. The sun shone and It was really hot at times. Bob continued with his Camomile planting, and I sowed some onion seeds in the raised bed. Will the slugs leave them alone ?
I also had a go at cutting the grass till the petrol ran out. I concentrated on the front of the Summerhouse, which makes It look cared-for when anyone passes, and bunged the mowings on the raised-bed-to-be. Needs filling up, plus at some stage, all the other stuff from the other compost bins, ready, hopefully for planting next year.

The sun eventually came out, and It was really warm. I concentrated on planting some crocus and snowdrops by the gate, and near the pond. Bob was potting up some strawberry plants, and Leanne and Paul weeded the herb bed. We found time to have a sit down with a cup of tea (sigh) and admire the view (another sigh) before we got on again.
I cleared round the back of the tool shed, to store the large pots and other things out of the way, but they will still be accessible If need be.
The grass still keeps growing, and still needs mowing, the grass cuttings helping to fill up one of the new raised beds, as well as leaves, veg peelings and hedge prunings from elsewhere.


Garden Update September 17

Up at the garden today. Rather blustery, still very mild, the sun shone and It didn’t rain. Bob was there pottering with his herbs, meanwhile I continued to clear an area by the pond for sowing some hardy annuals now, and in the spring.
No sign of the spinach and carrots I put in a short time ago. I’m blaming the Slugs ! otherwise the cosmos is looking lovely, as is the red chard, and a bit of rocket which is still there, just. Dug up some of my Pink Fir Apple spuds. Have they done well. The toms were looking OK last time l visited, but now they have been struck by the dreaded blight. It’s all this rain and mild weather. I’ve also got some marrow-type plant growing like mad producing green footballs. That’s what happens when you are given some plants and the person who gives them to you can’t remember what they were !
I was tempted to have a go at mowing the grass, as It is quite long again, but after a bout of weeding and hacking away at the long grass by the pond, I resisted, I had to have a sit down and left it for another day!


pic by bob from summer gathering


Thighs Of Steel

IMG_0584Back in June the Community Garden hosted the intrepid cyclists from ‘Thighs of Steel’

They are a project raising money for Khora a refugee centre in Athens

They camped in the garden for a night, with a a view from the cliffs out over the sea, only the second evening of their voyage!

That night we shared a fire, music and some food with them

A fascinating and lively bunch of people

The next morning they embarked on the ferry to continue their adventure

Through their adventure they managed to raise a profoundly impressive £105,000
Well Done!

their website

and facebook page

IMG_0603 IMG_0593 IMG_0591 IMG_0590

Garden Update July 17

Just had a lovely time with Jacqui, Leanne, Paul, Sam and me as they cleared and dug over an area chosen for a herb bed. After all the rain we had yesterday, the ground was easy to dig and plant out, so the Job was all done, and It looks great !
With all this rain, the flowers and veg are doing well. Some of the carrots, radishes, tomatoes and lettuce are ready to pick, with the spuds not so far behind. I have multicoloured sunflowers blooming as well as red cosmos and nasturtiums. Lovely.


pic from bob, from summer gathering


Garden Update Early June 2017

Dear All,
I went up the garden yesterday, and was joined by Joan, and Don and Donna and family.
Peter has done a great job cutting back and clearing away the rubbish left down the side of the Summerhouse. Donna has had a good tidy up inside, as well as cheering up the compost loo with some bunting, and I checked the pots for watering.
I then potted on some lovely red geraniums Joan had got for the front of the Summerhouse and other bedding for the bath, to keep the colour going.
The tree house is almost there, which doesn’t stop the kids from playing in it, they like It so much.
Donna and Hebe tackled weaving in the willow, which is growing mightily. Looks really good, and Don hacked away around the back of the willow fighting the good fight with the brambles and the long grass.
The brick BBQ is all done, care of Pete and Don. A fire pit with a tripod is next !
Bob and his mate Richard, have been busy on their plot, and the greens and spuds are romping away.
Just for you Bob, there has been a delivery of wood from the Hillcrest stacked up all ready for your attention !
My spuds are looking OK, in spite of the storm. Not so the poppies which were knocked flat and shredded by the wind.
I hope to get to the Garden again tomorrow, weather permitting etc..All those weeds are waiting! and the grass keeps growing!