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For the Gardening Courses we walk up from the Hillcrest Centre Cafe
every thursday theres a lovely local produce market here, a great place to buy home made cakes and hand embroidered cards.

Jenny and Sallys route up to the clifftop is the most picturesque, but inevitably pretty gawdamn steep some of the time!

on the way we went up Nuns walk, there to gather some holly, ivy, mistletoe, pine branches and cones for the winter wreaths

afterwards it was through the graveyard of St Michaels church, walking over the gravestones! parts of the church are Norman/Romanesque, the round turret is definitely this old, probably the oldest building in Newhaven, though i think theres Neolithic remains up on the cliffs by the fort

after that theres a footpath past a garden with very comfy looking hens

next stop the boarded up old Newhaven PolyClinic, which was once the Newhaven Workhouse, a grim looking building!
‘Here we go around the Mulberry bush’, a song always associated with workhouses in my mind

after that its across a large open space, perfect for smashing the ice on puddles on a cold winters day

Then past the TV Mast, glorious views across seaford bay to the head at the end… the worlds most fabulous golf hole, like bashing a ball off the top of a cliff.

oh and the llama?! theers a blooming llama up there near peacehaven heights!

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